Recruitment Areas

Al Najam International provides the following recruitment services:

Medical & Health Care

For the last many decades Al Najam International has made a name in provision of medical and para-medical professionals in large numbers to the leading Private Hospitals and Hospitals under various Ministries like Defense, Health and Security Forces in Saudi Arabia.


With 40 years of experience working across diverse industrial industry segments, we have an in-depth understanding of the Manufacturing industry and are hence able to offer you superior talent for your organization.


For the past many decades Al Najam International is playing a vital role in the Engineering sector of Saudi Arabia and Gulf by providing vital human resource in the field of engineering. Our Pakistani engineers are the backbone of the key industries of Gulf today.

Energy and Resources

With a growing number of Power Generation plants in the GCC and our team regularly following the operational Power Plants along with networking with Power Plant Managers, Engineers and Technicians.

Banking and Finance

Over the past many years we have successfully placed a lot of potential candidates in Saudi Arab and UAE that are now working in various national and multinational banks, investment companies, stock market and financial institutions.


Al Najam International plays a vital role in providing Pakistani workforce to the leading Construction Companies of Saudi Arabia, especially those specialized in construction of Roads, Highways, Bridges and Buildings.


Al Najam International has expertise in providing staff to the needs of the Hotels, Leading Restaurants, Fast Food Retail Outlets, Catering Companies etc. in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Gulf on regular basis.

Oil and Gas

We have been providing competent personnel at all levels for Refineries and Petrochemical plants for leading groups of company in Gulf region. We have lot of satisfied clients in the oil and gas sector contributing towards organizational goals.

IT and Telecom

Al Najam International provide the IT Professionals of SAP, Web based Applications (internet/intranet/e-commerce), Client-server Applications, Networking & Systems Administration, Data warehousing, Computer hardware specialists etc.

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